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magnetization direction of NdFeB magnet

The magnetization direction of the magnet is conventional radially and axially oriented.There are others such as multipole oriented in segments, radially oriented magnetization, tilting, and so on.Most strong NdFeB magnetic materials can be magnetized to saturation in the same direction, which is called the "direction of magnetization".Strong magnets that have no orientation (also known as isotropic magnets) are much weaker than those of orientation magnets (also known as anisotropic magnets).

Usually we put the number that represents the magnetization direction on the last one.Such as block magnet F15*8*5mm, The thickness 5mm is the direction of magnetization.But when we need the longest side as the magnetic direction.the correct expression should be F8*5*15mm,The direction of the magnetization is 15.

The 6 kinds of magnetic orientation and expressions files that are common with Jugo Magnet can help you quickly confirm the magnetization direction of strong NdFeB magnets.

magnetization direction.jpg

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